Message de soutien de M. Patrick WALLAS, directeur du All Saints Anglican School.

Nous avons reçu un magnifique message de soutien de M. Patrick WALLAS, directeur du All Saints Anglican School.
Il nous assure de son amour pour notre établissement et de sa fierté d’être jumelé. (Ces échanges scolaires avec le All Saints Anglican School ont commencé il y a plus de 20 ans déjà !!)
Un grand merci pour ce beau message ♥


“Dear Joelle, Marie-France, Christopher, Dominique and all our friends at Sacre Coeur College,
You have been in our hearts and minds in recent times; the subject of much conversation and prayer. I think many of us saw the writing on the wall when the French government made the decision they did, but none of us had any idea how bad it would be. This is New Caledonia for heaven’s sake; a place of beauty and peace where all are welcomed; a
 place where beautiful hearts abound. We just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and hoping that your visit will still be able to go ahead. We are certainly planning with this in mind.
For any of you who have had property damaged or loved ones injured or worse, we offer our sincere condolences. We are taking care of Kathleen Babin, although to be honest it is really Kathleen who is taking care of us. She has been a wonderful addition to our staff.
On behalf of Mary, Kathleen, Sally and all the staff and students of All Saints, we want to thank you for making us so proud to have the College Sacre Coeur as our sister school and know that we are all praying that the peace that seems to have settled on your beautiful island paradise will be eternal.
With warmest best wishes,
Patrick “